Live Weighing For Shipping

AxChange has created a live weighing system that is precise to scale and beneficial to the shipping industry. Utilizing AxChange’s digital shipping postal rates, shippers can obtain real-time delivery and delivery quotes. Real-time quotes allow for more accurate package delivery and eliminate the need for guesswork while preparing shipments.


Best Precision Scales To Use With AxChange Software For Live Weighing


There are a variety of scales that can pair with AxChange software for live weighing items for shipping. Some of the most common types of scales used in the shipping industry are digital shipping scales, bench scales, and floor scales.


Digital Shipping Scales

Digital shipping scales supply accurate weight measurements for parcels and packages. They can be used for large and small shipments and offer a quick and easy way to obtain a weight measurement.


Bench Scales

Bench scales are ideal for smaller items that need to be weighed accurately. Labs, pharmacies, and other similar businesses use them frequently.


Floor Scales

Floor scales are large-scale scales that are perfect for weighing large items or packages. Operators can use them indoors or outdoors, making them a versatile option for many businesses.


Factors That Affect Accurate Live Weighing

Weighing demands come with shipping products, inventory, stock, and pallets. When it comes to shipping products, there are a few things that need to be considered to ensure an accurate weight measurement.


Product Shape And Size

Some products are more difficult to weigh than others due to their size or shape. Industries that use pallets may get a more straightforward measure, but some items have unusual or asymmetrical designs that can skew results. To get an accurate measurement, account for all the product details.


Packaging Weight

 If the packaging is heavy, it will add weight to the product and impact the final measurement. Use an accurate scale that can measure the importance of both the product and the packaging.


Shipping Rates 

Remember that shipping products involve more than just weighing them. There are also shipping rates to consider. AxChange’s digital shipping postal rates provide real-time quotes for parcels and packages, making it easy to find the best shipping option for your needs.


Which Industries Rely On Live-Weighing When Delivering And Shipping Items?

Many industries rely on accurate live-weighing when shipping items. Some of the most notable sectors include the medical, food, and manufacturing firms.



The medical industry is one of the most critical industries in the world. Accurate live-weighing is essential for ensuring that products such as drugs, medical supplies, and equipment are delivered safely and securely.


Food Processing

The food industry is another critical industry that relies on accurate live-weighing. Food must be transported quickly and efficiently from producers to consumers to prevent spoilage. Accurate live-weighing helps ensure that food is transported safely and without any damage.



The manufacturing industry is another large sector that relies on accurate live-weighing when shipping products. Manufacturing businesses often produce large quantities of goods sent to different parts of the world. Accurate live-weighing helps ensure that these products are shipped correctly and without damage.


Outfit Your Business Parcel Scales With AxChange Software

AxChange Software can help you upgrade your scale, electronics, and all for accurate and remote weighing. Manage multiple locations with a centralized database, and log weighing data with customized settings. 


Please contact us today to learn how to upgrade your small or large platform scale. AxChange is ready to take on any weighing challenge and simplify your work operations.