Are you trying to decide between the Arlyn SAW-PX Industrial Balance and the OHAUS Explorer Analytical? If so, you’re in luck. We will compare and contrast these two scales and how they work with AxChange software. Between the Ohaus Explorer Analytical and the Arlyn Saw-PX Industrial Scale, we believe that the Arlyn Saw-PX is the better option. 

Both scales offer internal calibration capabilities, but some significant differences could make one scale better for your needs. We’ll look at features like capacity range, accuracy, resolution, connectivity options, and more to help you determine which of these two balances is right for you.

A Rugged Precision Balance for Industrial Environments

When comparing the OHAUS Explorer to the Arlyn SAW-PX precision balance, the Arlyn SAW-PX is purpose-built for use in both industrial and laboratory environments, with 20 times the capacity of comparable models.

Wide Temperature Range

This ultra-compact scale endures temperatures as low as 10° and as high as 120° Fahrenheit! The expansive pan size and high capacity platform serve larger loads, while a readability of 0.02 makes it equally ideal for minute materials.

Accuracy With Percent Weighing

When it comes to accuracy, Arlyn’s SAW-PX Industrial Scale has a resolution of 1:15,000, which is one of the highest resolutions available for an industrial scale. This allows for accurate readings down to 0.001g or 0.002oz. On the other hand, the OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balance has a resolution of 1:3,000 and is accurate to 0.1g/0.1oz. Arlyn’s SAW-PX Industrial Scale is the clear winner, offering a much higher solution than its OHAUS counterpart. 

Capacity Range

The Arlyn SAW-PX Industrial Scale has a capacity range from 0 g to 8 kg/17 lbs, while the OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balance ranges from 0 g to 3 kg/6.6 lbs. Arlyn’s SAW-PX Industrial Scale is the clear winner, as it offers a much higher capacity range than its OHAUS counterpart.

Communication Options

Finally, the SAW-PX offers you more communication options. While the Explorer offers wired solutions with an opportunity to upgrade to Ethernet, the SAW-PX provides wireless communication over Wi-Fi and Modbus in addition to the wired solutions. The Arlyn SAW-PX Industrial Scale has an RS232 connection, making it easy to connect and transfer data.

Are Both Scales Compatible With AxChange Software?

The Arlyn SAW-PX Industrial Scale and the OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balance are compatible with our AxChange software. This software makes it easy to connect your scale to a computer so you can view, record and analyze your data.

Invest In Software From AxChange That Assists With Differential Weighing

AxChanger software will allow you to connect various scales into an efficient weighing system. Record automatic calibration and other relevant results. Our company constantly focuses on innovation. 

Please reach out to us today to learn more about how our software can pair with your parts counting scale. Let AxChange and Arlyn Scales deliver on high resolution. 

Related Products

Arlyn Premium Ultra Precision Scale

OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balance

Capacity2.42 lb. / 1100 g.
Pan Size5.12” / 130mm
Temperature Range50° to 86°F / 10° to 30°C
Sensitivity Drift (ppm/°C)3
Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Communication OptionsUSB, RS232, and optional Ethernet
USB InterfacesYES
AxChange Support?YES with additional Arlyn interface & Arlyn UpScale display

Arlyn SAW-PX Industrial & Analytical Balance

Capacity10 lb. / 4500 g.
Readability0.00005 lb. / 0.02 g.
Pan Size9” x 8” / 228.6mm x 203.2mm
Temperature Range10° to 120°F / -12° to 49°C
Sensitivity Drift (ppm/°C)~ 5
Power RequirementsAC Adapter Input: 117 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Communication OptionsEthernet, USB, Wi-Fi, Modbus, RS-232, AxChange
USB interfaceYES
AxChange SupportYES


Surface Acoustic Wave technology empowers you to determine precise weight measurements without sacrificing durability. With a strain gauge scale, you get a capacity that’s 20-times greater than competitors at a fraction of the cost! Whether you require a rugged analytical balance for your lab, or an ultra-compact industrial scale, the Arlyn SAW-PX is unmatched in affordability, reliability, and precision.

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