OHAUS Explorer Analytical vs. Arlyn SAW-PX Industrial Balance

A Rugged Precision Balance for Industrial Environments

When comparing the OHAUS Explorer to the Arlyn SAW-PX precision balance, the Arlyn SAW-PX is purpose-built for use in both industrial and laboratory environments, with 20-times the capacity of comparable models.

In fact, this ultra compact scale endures temperatures as low as 10° and as high as 120° Fahrenheit! The expansive pan size and high capacity platform serve larger loads, while a readability of 0.02 makes it equally ideal for minute materials.

Finally, the SAW-PX offers you more communication options. While the Explorer offers wired solutions with an option to upgrade to Ethernet, the SAW-PX provides wireless communication over Wi-Fi and Modbus in addition to the wired solutions.

Arlyn Premium Ultra Precision Scale

OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balance

Capacity2.42 lb. / 1100 g.
Pan Size5.12” / 130mm
Temperature Range50° to 86°F / 10° to 30°C
Sensitivity Drift (ppm/°C)3
Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Communication OptionsUSB, RS232, and optional Ethernet
USB InterfacesYES
AxChange Support?YES with additional Arlyn interface & Arlyn UpScale display

Arlyn SAW-PX Industrial & Analytical Balance

Capacity10 lb. / 4500 g.
Readability0.00005 lb. / 0.02 g.
Pan Size9” x 8” / 228.6mm x 203.2mm
Temperature Range10° to 120°F / -12° to 49°C
Sensitivity Drift (ppm/°C)~ 5
Power RequirementsAC Adapter Input: 117 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Communication OptionsEthernet, USB, Wi-Fi, Modbus, RS-232, AxChange
USB interfaceYES
AxChange SupportYES


Surface Acoustic Wave technology empowers you to determine precise weight measurements without sacrificing durability. With a strain gauge scale, you get a capacity that’s 20-times greater than competitors at a fraction of the cost! Whether you require a rugged analytical balance for your lab, or an ultra-compact industrial scale, the Arlyn SAW-PX is unmatched in affordability, reliability, and precision.

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OHAUS Explorer Analytical vs. Arlyn SAW-PX Industrial Balance

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