Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS/f vs. Arlyn SAW-PX

The Arlyn SAW-PX is a high-precision industrial scale that offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Manufactured by Arlyn Scales, this scale has been designed to meet the most exacting requirements of industrial applications such as laboratory testing and chemical analysis. We compare the Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS/f to the Arlyn SAW-PX assessing the benefits and tradeoffs of […]

OHAUS Explorer Analytical vs. Arlyn SAW-PX Industrial Balance

Are you trying to decide between the Arlyn SAW-PX Industrial Balance and the OHAUS Explorer Analytical? If so, you’re in luck. We will compare and contrast these two scales and how they work with AxChange software. Between the Ohaus Explorer Analytical and the Arlyn Saw-PX Industrial Scale, we believe that the Arlyn Saw-PX is the […]

OHAUS Adventurer Pro Precision vs. Arlyn Ultra Precision Scales

A Rugged Scale with 2x Sensitivity for Precise Industrial Use Comparing the OHAUS Adventurer Pro to Arlyn Ultra Precision Scales exposes the need for a precision balance that can endure industrial workplaces. The Arlyn SAW-PC boasts more than twice the sensitivity and 40-times the readability of comparable models. While the OHAUS Adventurer Pro can endure […]

OHAUS Defender 3000 Bench Scale vs. Arlyn 320M Platform Scale

Large, Low-Profile Platforms for Industrial Weighing Needs Comparing the OHAUS Defender 3000 to the Arlyn 320M reveals the minute differences that can impact productivity, efficiency, and revenue. Serving as general weighing and counting platforms, the Defender 3000 features a modest weighing platform and a single option for data communication: a cable connection. Alternatively, the Arlyn […]

Ohaus SPX222 vs. Arlyn SAW-PX

Comparing the Ohaus SPX222 to the Arlyn SAW-PX Ultra Precision And High Sensitivity Compare the Ohaus SPX222 to the Arlyn SAW-PX Ultra Precision scales. The latter has ultimate durability and ruggedness while delivering accurate results with temperature stability. Meanwhile, the Ohaus SPX222, while designed for lab settings, has a lower level of accuracy even with […]

Mettler Toledo ICS429 vs. Arlyn Upscale

Comparing the Mettler Toledo ICS429 and the Arlyn Upscale The Arlyn Upscale highlights the need for intuitive weighing controls. The ICS429 weighing console series is designed for simple data reading, with seven keys. While one can use it for food processing and weighing applications, it lacks versatility in function. The Arlyn Scale Upscale Indicator has […]

Mettler Toledo BC6L vs. Arlyn 620F

Compare the Mettler Toledo BC6L to the Arlyn Scales 620F The Mettler Toledo BC6L is designed for affordability; although it is discontinued, the models remain reliable. Adaptable to multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Chinese, the scale comes with an AC adapter as a power source and is legal for trade use […]

Mettler Toledo BC60 vs. Arlyn 620F

Compare the Mettler Toledo BC60 and Arlyn Scales 620F The Mettler Toledo BC60 is easy to set up, and designed to handle heavier packages. It has certification for national applications to integrate the scale into your shipping and weighing process, while strain gauge technology allows for reliability. While both bench scales are durable and rugged […]

IND560 Industrial Weighing Terminal Vs. Arlyn Upscale

Power and Performance for Advanced Weighing Applications The Mettler Toledo IND560 is a discontinued product as of February 2016. This system was replaced by the Mettler Toledo IND570. Compare the Mettler Toledo IND560 to the Arlyn Upscale. While the IND560 was designed as a versatile weighing system with multiple features, the system is outdated and […]

IND570 Industrial Weighing Terminal Vs. Arlyn Upscale

Power and Performance for Advanced Weighing Applications Compare the Mettler Toledo IND570 to the Arlyn Upscale. The IND570 is a fully functional, high end weight indicator, suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. The large, high contrast, graphics OLED screen provides an easy to read and easy to understand visual interface. The 26-key keypad […]