Compare the Mettler Toledo BC60 and Arlyn Scales 620F

The Mettler Toledo BC60 is easy to set up, and designed to handle heavier packages. It has certification for national applications to integrate the scale into your shipping and weighing process, while strain gauge technology allows for reliability.

While both bench scales are durable and rugged in design while also providing reliable weight reading… the Arlyn model offers many communication options not available on Mettler’s BC60 model, including Ethernet Wifi and Modbus. Arlyn also offers optional control functions to operate valves, motors, feeders and more, at a much lower cost.

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Arlyn 620F Bench Scale


Capacity & Resolution150 lb / 60 kg
DisplayColor TFT
Measurement ParameterLb / kg
DimensionsPan Size: 12.3" x 13.9", 31.2 cm x 35.3 cm Platform Size: 19.7 in x 4.3 in x 25.6 in (500 mm x 110 mm x 650 mm)
KeyboardKeyboard Wedge
Communication OptionsUSB; Ethernet; RS422; RS485; WLAN; Discrete I/O Optional: Ethernet, Bluetooth, Alibi Memory
Mounting OptionsLower mount, wall mount or tower mount
Strain Gauge TechnologyYES
USB InterfacesYES
AxChange SupportYES with additional Arlyn interface/ Arlyn upscale display

620F Industrial Bench Scales

Capacity & Resolution150 lb x 0.05 lb
DisplayMKE-5 Digital Indicator- 1" High Graphics LCD digits. Updates between 0.1 to 0.5 sec. Adjustable. (Swing Arm or Remote Cable) Or UPSCALE-9 Indicator- Upgrade to Arlyn UpScale 7" Color LCD Touchscreen. Fully Customizable. (Remote Cable only)
Measurement Parameter.001lbs to 100lbs
DimensionsPlatform Dimensions 620X and up) 12" x 16", Approximately 17 lbs shipping weight
KeyboardKeyboard Wedge
Communication OptionsEthernet, Wi-Fi, USB and RS-232
Mounting OptionsIndicator attached to Arm or Cable to Platform
Strain Gauge TechnologyYES
USB interfaceYES
Wi-FiYES with Upscale upgrade
AxChange SupportYES with Upscale display


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Mettler Toledo BC60 vs. Arlyn 620F

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