Connecting Scales To The Cloud

Any scale equipped with an Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator can be optionally configured to communicate with AxChange. The Arlyn UpScale indicator has the ability to connect to the internet directly. It allows for communication for data transmission to AxChange Cloud through Ethernet or Wireless connectivity. Each Arlyn UpScale is uniquely configured so that all weights can be directly traced to the individual scale. Unlike other cloud solutions, communication between the scale and AxChange is bidirectional. This means that not only can the scale deliver data to AxChange, but AxChange can also send commands to the individual scale in real time.

Upscale Monitoring

Scales Without Internet Connectivity?

Some of our scales are equipped with displays and amplifiers that do not support internet connectivity. Some examples include our Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Scales, Digital Load Cells and scales equipped with the MKE-5 Digital Indicator. Another issue could be that some scales may not be equipped with Ethernet or Wi-Fi. These connectivity options are essential for internet connectivity. Instead the scales could be equipped with other types of communication outputs such as RS-232, USB, RS-485, etc. These connection options do not support internet connectivity. In those scenarios, we can install a data aggregator on the customer’s PC to collect data from such types of scales and transmit the aggregate data package to AxChange Cloud. The software (AxChange Data Unifier or ADU) is installed on a PC that has access to the internet. The ADU supports a variety of connectivity options as mentioned above. With some customizations, the ADU could also connect third-party scales to AxChange Cloud. This is especially useful for those instances where the customer does not want to change their scale infrastructure. The ADU is also equipped to handle commands received from AxChange to allow remote control of the scales connected.

Live Weight Tracking

Data Logging With Export Functions

AxChange Cloud captures all incoming data from all the scales in the field. The data set is comprehensive allowing for exhaustive analysis on various trends including distribution and growth. The collected data can be exported in any format including CSV, Excel and PDF. AxChange also provides a rapid filtering mechanism to drill down to relevant data. A perpetual summary panel is provided on every numerical column the shows basic statistical metrics for the filtered data.

monitor weights on multiple industrial scales

Statistical Analysis And Weight Trends

In addition to presenting the data in the traditional tabular format, AxChange also allows analytical opportunities by plotting the data based on a 30 day activity time frame. This feature is set for future expansion to allow data filtering as well as additional plots for further analysis

Monitor scale data

Remote Monitoring And Control

Using the latest streaming and messaging technologies available in the industry today, AxChange is able to provide real time weight streaming on any internet connected device, whether it be a phone, a tablet or PC. The weight screen on the AxChange emulates the display layout of the actual scale. This means you can also control the scale remotely and perform basic functions such as Tare and Zero. You can also start a Setpoint Cycle or Print a ticket from anywhere in the world.

Monitor Industrial Scales Data

Administrative And Access Management

No Cloud Application is complete without some form of user and access control. This is also true with AxChange. As an administrator, you can tailor the experience of your personnel, controlling their access to data, scales and as well as personnel management.

Industrial Scales Data