The Arlyn SAW-PX is a high-precision industrial scale that offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Manufactured by Arlyn Scales, this scale has been designed to meet the most exacting requirements of industrial applications such as laboratory testing and chemical analysis. We compare the Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS/f to the Arlyn SAW-PX assessing the benefits and tradeoffs of each option.

Comparing The Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS/f To The Arlyn SAW-PX

Comparisons of the Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS/f to the Arlyn SAW-PX show how improving technology can upgrade counting scales. Although both scales are Ultra Precision, Arlyn is just a fraction of the cost of the ICS445k-#XS/f. Managers pay less for more value when handling heavy-duty chemicals. 

In addition, the Arlyn SAW-PX represents a dedication to highly accurate weighing. Arlyn Scales, as a company, always uses company-manufactured loading cells that are highly sensitive to small changes in weight while remaining rugged.

The Arlyn SAW-PX is meant for heavy-duty industrial use instead of laboratory use. Company engineers have designed specific Ultra Precision models to handle hazardous environments, such as those with explosive substances or corrosive chemicals.

The ICS445k-3XS/f is designed as a primary counting block, which can also do sample weighing. It lacks a hygienic design, which limits the various applications and environments where managers, lab technicians, or professionals can use it. Many operators use it when they operate on a budget.

Why Is The Arlyn Saw-PX A Better Option Compared to the Mettler Toledo?

With advanced weighing technology, the Arlyn model provides highly accurate results with excellent repeatability and sensitivity. The Arlyn SAW-PX also boasts impressive features, including adjustable response time, easy operation, low power consumption, and a wide temperature range for use in harsh environments. 

Moreover, the Arlyn SAW-PX has undergone stringent quality control tests to ensure reliable performance over long periods. As such, this precision scale is ideal for any business or industry looking for a dependable solution to their weighing needs. 


Can AxChange Software Pair With Either Scale?

Yes. Arlyn SAW-PX and Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS scales can be easily paired with AxChange software for more efficient data analysis, storage, and reporting. This software allows users to track real-time weighing results and store them in an electronic database. 

With AxChange software, Arlyn SAW-PX, and Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS, users can easily manage their weighing operations. AxChange also offers a variety of additional features, such as temperature compensation, calibration reminders, and security settings. Use this feature to optimize accuracy and efficiency. 

Review Other Industrial Scales With Insight From AxChange

AxChange is one of the best software options for cloud monitoring. You can connect scales nationally and internationally to optimize your operations. Our specialists are happy to explain how the software works and how it can streamline your transportation of finished products or raw materials while keeping accurate inventory. 

Please get in touch with us today to learn more about how we evaluate scale options for heavy-duty evaluations. Let AxChange make recommendations on which heavy-duty weighing units can handle hazardous environments. 

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Arlyn Premium Ultra Precision Scale

Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS/f

Capacity6 lb (3 kg)
Readability0.00002 lb (0.01 g)
Pan Size5.1 in x 3.7 in x 6.3 in (130 mm x 95 mm x 160 mm)
Power RequirementsAC Adapter Input: Battery Version; AC Version
Communication OptionsUSB; Ethernet; RS422; RS485; WLAN; Discrete I/O
USB InterfaceYES
AxChange Support?YES with additional Arlyn interface & Arlyn UpScale display

Arlyn SAW-PX Ultra Precision Scales

Capacity10 lb. / 4500 g.
Readability0.00005 lb. / 0.02 g.
Pan Size9” x 8” / 228.6mm x 203.2mm
Power RequirementsAC Adapter Input: 117 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Communication OptionsEthernet, USB, Wi-Fi, Modbus, RS-232, AxChange
USB InterfaceYES
AxChange SupportYES


The ICS445k has aluminum housing and is part of a series of counting scales that focus on delivering value.

With the Arlyn SAW-PX Ultra Precision Scales, you also get the Arlyn Upscale touchscreen indicator. They are designed for rugged environments and can also handle hazardous environments.

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