Power and Performance for Advanced Weighing Applications

Compare the Mettler Toledo IND570 to the Arlyn Upscale. The IND570 is a fully functional, high end weight indicator, suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. The large, high contrast, graphics OLED screen provides an easy to read and easy to understand visual interface. The 26-key keypad includes function keys and softkeys, allowing for easier, programmable user interface.

The IND570 includes inherent high accuracy and versatility. Filtered weight data can minimize errors in noisy environments. Multiple load cells may be operated from just a single indicator.

Free market industrial competition encourages ongoing changes and improvements in virtually every market sector. The scale and weighing industry is a prime example. Although the Mettler Toledo IND570 provides an excellent combination of functions and features, other weight indicators have become available, offering compelling reasons to compare.

Related Products

Arlyn Upscale

IND570 Industrial Weighing Terminal

Resolution100,000 displayed divisions
Display146 mm (5.75”) high-resolution, high-contrast, graphic OLED, 25mm high weight display.
Digit Height1” high
Keyboard26-key tactile keyboard
Housing Harsh/Desk-Column-Wall mountStainless steel, includes brackets for wall mounting
Digital Output8 outputs dry contact relay
Communication OptionsEthernet TCP/IP; COM2/COM3 serial ports; Analog Output; ControlNet; DeviceNet; EtherNet/IP; Modbus TCP; PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET
USB InterfacesYES
AxChange SupportNo

Arlyn UpScale

Resolution999,999 displayed divisions
Display7 inch HD IPS Capacitive 5-point widescreen touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024x600 (WSVGA) pixels
Digit heightUp to 2.5” height
KeyboardGraphic function driven
Housing Harsh/Desk-Column-Wall mountStainless steel swivel bracket for multi-angle view
Digital Output8 solid state or dry
Communication OptionsRS232, USB, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth (TBA) with basic software package.
USB interfaceYES
AxChange SupportYES


The UpScale weight indicator from Arlyn Scales not only provides a similar feature set to the IND570, but also adds a number of desirable, high end functions. Perhaps the most exciting improvement is the large, 7” color touchscreen. This makes the user interface both more flexible in use, and much easier for the user. In addition, the UpScale cost is much lower than the IND570, allowing it to be effectively utilized in a wider range of industrial applications!

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IND570 Industrial Weighing Terminal Vs. Arlyn Upscale

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