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The Mettler Toledo IND560 is a discontinued product as of February 2016. This system was replaced by the Mettler Toledo IND570. Compare the Mettler Toledo IND560 to the Arlyn Upscale. While the IND560 was designed as a versatile weighing system with multiple features, the system is outdated and new technology offers higher resolution displays and more software capabilities.

The IND560 is versatile because of the various weighing controls offered. Quickly weigh, convert and control your weights without complex programming. The IND560 & now IND570 claims to be suitable for most existing systems. The Arlyn Upscale weight indicator offers all of these features but with a larger resolution display, digital keyboard and more advanced communication options.

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Arlyn Upscale

IND560 Industrial Weighing Terminal

Resolution100,000 displayed divisions
DisplayVacuum Florescent, 21mm
Digit Height1” high
Keyboard25-key tactile keyboard
Housing Harsh/Desk-Column-Wall mountStainless Steel; Panel – Stainless Steel Faceplate, Aluminum Chassis
Digital OutputMaximum 12 in/18 out
Communication OptionsAnalog out, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus, A-B RIO, Digital discrete I/O, Fill-560 application software
USB InterfacesYES
AxChange SupportYES with additional Arlyn interface/ Arlyn upscale display

Arlyn UpScale

Resolution999,999 displayed divisions
Display7 inch HD IPS Capacitive 5-point widescreen touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024x600 (WSVGA) pixels
Digit heightUp to 2.5” height
KeyboardGraphic function driven
Housing Harsh/Desk-Column-Wall mountStainless steel swivel bracket for multi-angle view
Digital Output8 solid state or dry
Communication OptionsRS232, USB, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth (TBA) with basic software package.
USB interfaceYES
AxChange SupportYES


The UpScale weight indicator from Arlyn Scales not only provides a similar feature set to the IND560, but also adds a number of desirable, high end functions. Perhaps the most exciting improvement is the large, 7” color touchscreen. This makes the user interface both more flexible in use, and much easier for the user.

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IND560 Industrial Weighing Terminal Vs. Arlyn Upscale

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