Comparing the Mettler Toledo ICS429 and the Arlyn Upscale

The Arlyn Upscale highlights the need for intuitive weighing controls. The ICS429 weighing console series is designed for simple data reading, with seven keys. While one can use it for food processing and weighing applications, it lacks versatility in function.

The Arlyn Scale Upscale Indicator has a color touchscreen and LCD display. It is designed for both user-friendliness and accuracy.

Why trust the Arlyn Upscale? You get more More control functions. Many more communication options including Ethernet, USB, Wifi and Modbus. Flow control capability. Much lower cost.

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Arlyn Upscale

Mettler Toledo ICS429

DisplayLCD with backlighting
Digit Height
Keyboard7 simple keys or upgrade to the ICS439 for a Numeric Keypad
Size232x132x115 mm / 9.13x5.20x4.53"
Communication OptionsS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet, USB Device, Digital I/O
USB InterfacesYES
AxChange SupportYES with additional Arlyn interface/ Arlyn upscale display

Arlyn UpScale

Resolution999,999 displayed divisions
Display7 inch HD IPS Capacitive 5-point widescreen touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024x600 (WSVGA) pixels
Digit heightUp to 2.5” height
KeyboardGraphic function driven
Housing Harsh/Desk-Column-Wall mountStainless steel swivel bracket for multi-angle view
Digital Output8 solid state or dry
Communication OptionsRS232, USB, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth (TBA) with basic software package.
USB interfaceYES
AxChange SupportYES


The ICS42 has a protective cover, and can pair with different printers or cables. It focuses on serving basic functions while pairing with analog platforms.

For the Arlyn Upscale you can get either a molded plastic or stainless steel enclosure. Users can apply customized accuracy controls for their benefit and the touchscreen display has intuitive controls. Remote buttons and data logging also ensure that you can weigh items even if the Upscale is situated at a different location. Print relevant papers, cards and labels where necessary.

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Mettler Toledo ICS429 vs. Arlyn Upscale

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