Live Weighing For Environmental Monitoring

Does your business require live weighing for environmental monitoring? Tracking changes in environmental conditions over time can make a difference in assessing long-term accuracy and ecosystem health. AxChange offers a live-weighing functionality that allows an operator to monitor several worksites remotely. 


Live-weighing is essential because it allows for the collection of accurate data in a variety of environments. One can assess Inaccurate data, which can hurt agricultural enterprises, construction, and ecological studies. 


Industries That Require Environmental Monitoring

 Soil moisture content is important for various industries, including agriculture, construction, and environmental monitoring. By tracking soil moisture content, these industries can make informed decisions about best utilizing their land and resources. The live-weighing functionality is beneficial for monitoring changes in soil moisture content.


How Soil Moisture Levels Affect Nature And Food Supplies

Environmental monitoring can use soil moisture content data to track changes in outdoor and indoor conditions over time. These trends assess long-term accuracy. This data can be used to understand how environmental changes impact plant growth, water availability, and other factors.


Agriculture is one such industry that relies on accurate soil moisture content data to make informed decisions about irrigation, planting times, and crop selection. Inaccurate data can lead to over- or under-irrigation, negatively impacting crop yields. Excessive irrigation can lead to fertilizer runoff and water wastage. 


Other Relevant Industries

The construction industry relies on accurate soil moisture data to avoid foundation and structural issues. If the soil around a building is too wet or too dry, it can lead to problems down the road. Construction companies use soil moisture content to help them determine how much water they need to add to the soil and prevent a muddy site. They also use it to determine when the site is ready for paving or other construction activities.


Factors That Affect Live Weighing

The AxChange live-weighing functionality is beneficial in a variety of environments. The essential factor in determining whether or not this function will work effectively is the temperature and humidity stability. Ideally, you will use the functionality in workplaces with consistent temperature and humidity levels. Indoor warehouses with low water vapor levels are one such example.


 Other environments that can be problematic for live-weighing functionality include high vibration levels, rapid temperature fluctuations, and high levels of dust or smoke. As a result, places that have suffered seasonal fires or hurricanes may require more scrutiny. 


Vibration can interfere with the live-weighing functionality by introducing extraneous forces that are measured by the weight sensor. If there is too much vibration, it can cause inaccurate readings. 


Temperature fluctuations can also affect live weighing. Also, when the temperature changes, the air pressure changes as well. This change in air pressure can also cause the weight sensor to give inaccurate readings.


Additionally, high levels of dust or smoke can interfere with the live-weighing functionality. The dust or smoke can get into the weighing sensor and cause it to give inaccurate readings.


Safeguard Your Workplace Weighing With AxChange 

With AxChange’s software, businesses can improve weighing accuracy and efficiency. We want to ensure that your warehouse, office, or storage space has the tools to calculate inventory value and products.  


Please reach out to us today to learn more about your functionality options. By providing this service, AxChange allows for more accurate data collection. Let our team provide an efficient way to monitor environmental conditions.