11  Essential Features of AxChange Weight Tracking and Monitoring Automation

Do you manage a business that requires tracking, monitoring, and automating your weighing processes? If so, AxChange Cloud Weight Tracking & Monitoring System  could be your perfect solution. We discuss the essential features that significantly benefit continuous monitoring of static items such as tanks, cylinders, and inventory bins.


AxChange is an innovative weight tracking, monitoring, and scale control cloud software solution. This cloud application combines powerful features with easy-to-use tools to make weighing operations more efficient. It connects to different scale systems to improve reliability. By using AxChange, different industries can streamline their workflow while improving visibility into their static monitoring needs. 


We will look at how these features can improve accuracy in weight tracking and monitoring automation and other areas such as real-time weight monitoring, critical alerts and reporting.. With these insights, you’ll have all the information necessary to decide if AxChange suits your business needs.


Weight Tracking Features


What weight-tracking features can you use? We list several that contribute to accurate and reliable results. 


Accuracy, And Visibility

First and foremost, AxChange software offers accurate and real-time tracking of product weights.This data is made automatically available in an easy-to-use dashboard that managers can access anytime.


Automated Alerts

AxChange offers automated alerts that notify managers when tank weights or inventory bin levels reach certain thresholds. These automatic alerts provide valuable insights into operations and help managers avoid costly inventory build ups or shortages.


Remote Monitoring And Control

AxChange provides the ability to view the scale’s front panel remotely. It also allows you to perform basic operations (such as Taring, changing units, etc.) without the need to be near the scale. Any Internet connected device can take advantage of this feature. You can send remote signals to your scales to carry out different processes.

Data Collection And Analysis

AxChange collects and stores weighing data that can later be analyzed in terms of weight distribution and growth. This compilation allows managers to gain valuable insights into performance, allowing them to make informed decisions about reordering refilling tanks, or replenishing inventory bins and other applications. 

Authentication (Access Control)


Managers can use AxChange management software to control access to proprietary weighing data. Using authentication protocols, managers can ensure that only authorized personnel can access such information. This additional security layer protects data from unauthorized users, maintaining quality control and confidentiality. 


Monitoring and Administrative Features


– Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring

– Inventory Management & Tracking

– Access Control & Authentication


AxChange Cloud Storage Features


– Secure Access Anytime

– Data Encryption & Protection

– Easy Sharing & Collaboration


Benefits Of Using AxChange Cloud Monitoring System 

AxChange provides many benefits that can add value to any business operation. These efficiencies include the following:

– Improved accuracy in inventory tracking and management

– Improved oversight of industrial scale processes

– Increased efficiency in industrial weighing operations

AxChange Integrations

AxChange can be integrated into existing third-party scales with certain configurations by connecting the Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator to these scales.


Maintain Cost-Effective and Efficient Operations focused on Weight Monitoring and Inventory Management Applications

AxChange software is ready to assist your industrial weight monitoring operations. We can explain the process and improve your logistics.


Please reach out to us today to learn more about how AxChange Cloud Monitoring Software can benefit your business. Our experts will answer all your questions about real-time weighing.